Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Time.

So, no this is not what I wore today, but it's the outfit I wore the last time I started to post a blog, so I kept it.
Details:White shirt-moms
Pink tank-buckle
belt-CR with my girftcard
Skirt-designed by me out of my brother's baseball pants
tights-Betsey Johnson at TJ Maxx
Short Necklace-my design
Long Necklace-Mom's belt

Finding time to blog is an incredible task. For those of you who can keep up with it posting a few times a week even, it's unbelievable. However, for real, this time I hope to stick with this blogging thing. Today I updated my store putting on a couple new items, hopefully I'll get the rest of my inventory up on my facebbook site, sized and priced soon, but with college applications, school, and everything else I have to do as a senior, it's a little difficult.
These are the items now avaliable in my store.

Each item is priced at $20 and I believe all my current sale items are size small.

If you'd like to see all of the items I'm selling visit

yay. :]
Also I just ordered this purse yesterday from with some of my christmas money, gahhh, I can not wait to carry it around. :]

Friday, June 19, 2009

Lately I've been thinking about setting up an online store, never to seriously though, and a few days ago I decided I was going to do it. Of course It wasn't as easy as I imagined it would be, first I have to choose a site that I can sell things on for free without any of the profits being taken. That wasn't so easy but I did find one that allows me to sell 5 items at a time, for no cost. If this actually goes well, I'll see where I can go with it. After setting up a paypall account, deciding what I was ready to sell, ordering packing boxes, finding shipping and handling rates, taking pictures of items, and putting the finishing touches on them, MY STORE IS FUNCTIONAL!
Below are the items that are currently for sale at
Slouchy Sweater Tunic! 15.00
Lighting Bolt Earings! 10.00
Plaid Jumper! 20.00
Recycled Record Necklace! 10.00

Abstract Sweater Shirt! 15.00

In order to view upcomming items before they hit the store and to get the latest updates you can add here at

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Two for One

So, obiviously, I haven't written in a while. However maybe this post will make it worth it? I've been working on a lot of designs recently while setting up a portfolio. These two dresses are my most recent designs.
Outfit details:
necklace-chain, buckle- cameo, grandmas
sunglasses-3rd grade halloween costume
For this dress I used my mom's old quitling fabric (the pink I found in the barn) to create the double layered skirt. Next I cut the center out of a discarded plain white tee as an under layer for the top. I then sewed a lace table cloth centerpiece that i bought for 50 cents around the tee and attatched to the skirt, creating this semi-formalish dress.
Outfit details:
purse,. shoes, belt-thrift
anchor necklace-ebay

This dress actually took me about 3 hours to make. Which for me, is a lot. The blue top is made from a curtain that I sewed together up the middle and across. After sewing, I drew a shirt outline in chalk and cut it out and made it wearable. I then created a skirt from fabric with a wide hem and attached it to the top adding a waistband to the inside of the dress. Next I cut a strip of fabric to run up the center of the top and finished it off with lace up the sides.

P.S. 2 days until I am offically a high school senior, and it's summmmmer!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Irony of Yellow in the Rain.

After rain rain rain and even more rain I decided to snap a picture as fast as I could during the 30 minutes it didn't rain. It's depressing really, anytime I want to go outside it's either frigid or pouring. It was, however perfect weather for sewing this skirt yesterday out of 50 cent garage sale material and a 10 cent thrifted zipper. Overall I'd say it was a win. I've also been spending some time deciding how I want to decorate my room. (Right now my walls are painted light lime green and although it does sometimes cheer me up, lately it's just sickening.) I've decided on a light pink Victorian looking paint with a white bed spread with little pink roses, if I can find one that matches my demands. I will be scouring shops up and down for the next few weeks to find one.
Not that this relates, but speaking of flowers, yesterday I took a picture of some blackberry blossoms and I was actually pretty pleased with my results. Normally my flower pictures consist of my holding the camera awkwardly close and getting a picture of a color smear. Another epic win of the day.
Outfit Details:Shirt-Mom's Old
Skirt-Self made
Owl Necklace-Antiqued years ago
Beads-Part of my Halloween costume
Daisy Earings-Antique

Sunday, April 26, 2009

92 degrees.

As of today I decided I would make use of this site, and actually post something. After the sudden change of weather weekend I couldn't be more delighted. From the cold and rainy weather early in the week to now in the nineties? It's been a pleasant change of pace. Today was spent outside trying to decrease the significance of the tan lines i received yesterday from running, it was a failed effort. My lines are just as noticeable as before, with prom coming up in 6 days. But I've accepted this and am now looking forward to how awesome they will look with my dress. While I was outside I decided to take a walk out to the barn and browse through my mother's old fabric bin and i found some pink cotton material along with a floral print that i plan to make a skirt or something of the type out of sometime soon. Mission successful.
Outfit Details:
Polka-Dot Blouse:My mother's.
Necklace:Charlotte Russe
Bangle:Afterthoughts $1 sale
Purse:Antique Store
Shoes:TJ Maxx