Sunday, April 26, 2009

92 degrees.

As of today I decided I would make use of this site, and actually post something. After the sudden change of weather weekend I couldn't be more delighted. From the cold and rainy weather early in the week to now in the nineties? It's been a pleasant change of pace. Today was spent outside trying to decrease the significance of the tan lines i received yesterday from running, it was a failed effort. My lines are just as noticeable as before, with prom coming up in 6 days. But I've accepted this and am now looking forward to how awesome they will look with my dress. While I was outside I decided to take a walk out to the barn and browse through my mother's old fabric bin and i found some pink cotton material along with a floral print that i plan to make a skirt or something of the type out of sometime soon. Mission successful.
Outfit Details:
Polka-Dot Blouse:My mother's.
Necklace:Charlotte Russe
Bangle:Afterthoughts $1 sale
Purse:Antique Store
Shoes:TJ Maxx