Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Two for One

So, obiviously, I haven't written in a while. However maybe this post will make it worth it? I've been working on a lot of designs recently while setting up a portfolio. These two dresses are my most recent designs.
Outfit details:
necklace-chain, buckle- cameo, grandmas
sunglasses-3rd grade halloween costume
For this dress I used my mom's old quitling fabric (the pink I found in the barn) to create the double layered skirt. Next I cut the center out of a discarded plain white tee as an under layer for the top. I then sewed a lace table cloth centerpiece that i bought for 50 cents around the tee and attatched to the skirt, creating this semi-formalish dress.
Outfit details:
purse,. shoes, belt-thrift
anchor necklace-ebay

This dress actually took me about 3 hours to make. Which for me, is a lot. The blue top is made from a curtain that I sewed together up the middle and across. After sewing, I drew a shirt outline in chalk and cut it out and made it wearable. I then created a skirt from fabric with a wide hem and attached it to the top adding a waistband to the inside of the dress. Next I cut a strip of fabric to run up the center of the top and finished it off with lace up the sides.

P.S. 2 days until I am offically a high school senior, and it's summmmmer!

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