Monday, May 11, 2009

Irony of Yellow in the Rain.

After rain rain rain and even more rain I decided to snap a picture as fast as I could during the 30 minutes it didn't rain. It's depressing really, anytime I want to go outside it's either frigid or pouring. It was, however perfect weather for sewing this skirt yesterday out of 50 cent garage sale material and a 10 cent thrifted zipper. Overall I'd say it was a win. I've also been spending some time deciding how I want to decorate my room. (Right now my walls are painted light lime green and although it does sometimes cheer me up, lately it's just sickening.) I've decided on a light pink Victorian looking paint with a white bed spread with little pink roses, if I can find one that matches my demands. I will be scouring shops up and down for the next few weeks to find one.
Not that this relates, but speaking of flowers, yesterday I took a picture of some blackberry blossoms and I was actually pretty pleased with my results. Normally my flower pictures consist of my holding the camera awkwardly close and getting a picture of a color smear. Another epic win of the day.
Outfit Details:Shirt-Mom's Old
Skirt-Self made
Owl Necklace-Antiqued years ago
Beads-Part of my Halloween costume
Daisy Earings-Antique

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  1. So springy! Too bad it's raining in your part of town.